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Title: System of multi-layer advanced elements based on innovative surfaces and nonostructured materials for sustainable and energy efficient buildings

ICCOM Principal Investigator: Alessandro Mordini

Project Type: National

Duration: 03/2016 – 03/2018

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Abstract: Project SELFIE aims at designing, developing and manufacturing innovative components and systems for building integration, with elevated energetic and environmental performances, through the study of an original product and process methodology. The intention of SELFIE is to promote collaboration between participant companies and research institutions located in Tuscany, with the objective of developing experimental vertical wall solutions, characterized by technical and scientific innovations, able to respond to the different regulations (energy saving, indoor comfort, structural safety), ensuring a perfect environmental compatibility, and at the same time of creating new market opportunities in the building sector for the participating firms. The project will activate technology transfer between the companies and research institutions, promoting innovation in the energy saving and renewable energy integration in buidings. Other ICCOM participants: Gianna Reginato, Massimo Calamante, Lorenzo Zani, Silvia Pizzanelli.

Partnership: Università degli Studi di Firenze (Centro Abita e DIEF), Cooperativa L’Avvenire 1921, Colorobbia s.p.a., CNR-ISTI, CNR-IPCF, Roberglass s.r.l., MAVO Soc. Coop., ERGO s.r.l.

Sponsored by: Tuscany Region(FAR-FAS 2007-2013)

Financial contribution (overall): € 2.038.400

Financial contribution for ICCOM: € 315.700

Categories: Ended projects