Florence Mechanical Workshop

Florence Mechanical Workshop

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CNR ICCOM is a partner of the CNR Officine Riunite recently founded at the CNR Research Area of ​​Sesto Fiorentino. Through traditional machine tools such as milling machine, parallel lathe, precision mechanical machining is carried out both on metal (stainless steel, brass, aluminum, titanium, etc., etc.) and on other materials (Teflon®, Plexiglass®, Graphite, PVC, etc. etc.) , in order to create specific equipment for scientific research at the service of public and private entities.

The workshop specializes in the design of prototypes for applied research with twenty years of experience in the production of instrumentation for chemical laboratories. The workshop is primarily dedicated to prototyping: from the project (with technical drawings in CAD®) to the creation of instrumentation, equipment, accessories for research environments designed and built ad-hoc for specific needs in constant collaboration with the research and technologist staff and with trainees such as fellows, fellows or students.

Among the latest creations we can list:

Photo 1: Prototypes of micro reactors made from a solid piece of stainless steel for high pressure (200 Bar) and high temperature (250 ° C) reactions equipped with digital pressure and temperature control, pressurization and flow valves, syringe sampling for analysis during reactions, safety valve;

Photo 2: Complex system, entirely made in peek, of an electrochemical cell in fuel flow, with flushing and injection valve entirely designed and built in-house;

Photo 3: Electric chest furnace for flow reactions of peek or borosilicate columns equipped with thermoregulator and thermocouple;

Photo 4: Example of realization of hose connector for vacuum pump performed on project.

Among the services offered to the public and private sector you can find:

  • Technological solutions, such as for example design and construction of masks, supports, electric ovens, screw presses, guides, centering plates, etc .;
  • Repairs of scientific instrumentation and creation of spare parts for its maintenance;
  • Design of specific systems for gas and liquids;
  • Assembly and wiring of tools;
  • Repair and modernization of appliances or their accessories, increasing their performance, functionality, reliability, size and versatility;
  • Production of mechanical parts based on the customer’s design.

The CNR ICCOM mechanical workshop service is managed and coordinated by Mr. Carlo Bartoli (CNR ICCOM technician). For contacts:

Phone: +39 055 522 5214/5215

Email: carlo.bartoli@iccom.cnr.it

More information at the website: www.officineriunite.cnr.it

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