Services for the Private Sector

Services for the Private Sector

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CNR-ICCOM possesses human resources and technical skills and know-how adequate to provide, when requested by public or private entities, consultancy services, process modeling and validation, prototype and equipment construction as well as various analytical services, synthetic, functional and modeling in the most diverse chemical and chemical-physical disciplines.

Skills in inorganic, organic, analytical, theoretical and computational chemistry, in coordination and organometallic chemistry and in macromolecular chemistry, together with skills in the determination of structure-property relationships as well as specific experiences of separation using different techniques, experience in analysis, interpretation and treatment of infrared, visible, ultraviolet and magnetic resonance spectroscopy data, both nuclear and electronic, allow ICCOM researchers to respond to the most disparate needs that public and private users may have.

More recently, significant expertise and skills have become available in the recovery and recycling of metals, design and construction of electrocatalysts for fuel cells and electrolysers, design and assembly of photovoltaic devices.

Specific management of instruments and services are available in the various territorial sections in which the Institute is divided. CNR-ICCOM manages and coordinates the activities of the Electron Microscopy Center (Ce.M.E.) located in the Sesto Fiorentino (FI) Research Area, which provides advanced microscopy services for businesses.

Below some information is given about the services provided, indicating the type of service provided, the name and contacts of the person in charge, in the three Sites:

Florence Site

  • Service: Construction of autoclaves for reactions under high pressure, design and / or construction of small laboratory prototypes, installation of laboratory gas piping, general machining in the mechanical workshop.
  • Service: X-ray diffraction laboratory, identification of crystalline phases, semi-quantitative estimation and quantitative determination of crystalline phases both at room temperature and at temperatures ranging up to 1200 ° C.
  • Service: X-ray powder diffraction laboratory, GC-MS analysis, HPLC analysis

Pisa Secondary Site

  • Service: Solid state NMR spectroscopy, analysis and characterization of materials of technological, biomedical and environmental interests.
    • MaRS-Lab (Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy Laboratory).
    • Email:
    • Contacts: Dr. Silvia Borsacchi, Dr Lucia Calucci, Dr. Claudia Forte, Dr. Silvia Pizzanelli
  • Service: Raman, LIBS and XRF spectroscopies, analysis and characterization of art, technology, biomedic and environmental materials i.
    • ALS- Lab (Applied and Laser Spectroscopy Laboratory).
    • Email:
    • Contacts: Dr. Stefano Legnaioli, Dr. Vincenzo Palleschi, Dr. Beatrice Campanella.
  • Service: Qualitative and quantitative mass spectrometry analysis using GC-MS for the determination of toxic elements and their speciation in biological, food and environmental matrices. HPLC (IC) -ICP-MS.
  • Service: Analytical atomic spectroscopy. Preparation and processing of samples for analysis using microwave mineralization. Production ultrapure water and the management of purification equipment.