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Title: nAtural materials DEvelopmet from COllagen-based Wastes.

ICCOM Principal Investigator: Emilia Bramanti.

Project type: National.

Duration: 30/11/2023 – 29/11/2025.

Abstract: Collagen, the main byproduct of tanneries and food processing, is a multitasking molecule employed in a variety of fields that span from food to cosmetics, biomedical enfineering, to material science. Very recently, our research team (UNIPI, ICCOM, UNINA) demonstrated that animal glues extracted either from bones or from hides have various chemical properties and applications based on specific collagen components and based on the various chemical modifications undergone by the polypeptide collagen chain upon extraction and formulation. ARTDECOW project focuses on the characterization of leather scraps to develop ecofriendly collagen extraction methods based on the use of DES and NADES solvents. The molecular characterization of the extracted collagen will be based on the multi-technique proteomic approach The final aim is to tune collagen properties, and to provide molecular guidelines for its exploitation by engineering eco-friendly and sustainable materials.

Coordinator: Prof. Ilaria Bonaduce, University of Pisa.

Partnership: CNR-ICCOM, University of Pisa, University of Naples “Federico II”.

ICCOM participants: Emilia Bramanti, Susanna Monti.

Financed by: Projects MUR PRIN 2022 PNRR, project code no. P2022HWL7L.

Project overall budget: 233.992,00 €.

ICCOM budget: 92.857,00 €.

Categories: Active projects