PRIN 2022 “ISoTOPe”

PRIN 2022 “ISoTOPe”

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Title: CombIning Solid State NMR and CrysTal Engineering: a novel approach to prObe Interfaces in 3D/2D Hybrid Metal Halide Perovskites.

ICCOM Principal Investigator: Elisa Carignani.

Project type: National.

Duration: 16/10/2023 – 15/10/2025.

Abstract: Motivated by outstanding light harvesting and emitting properties, in the last decade, impressive achievements have been reached in both fundamental and technological research on Metal Halide Perovskites (MHP) and it has become clear that engineering the interfaces, not only between device layers but also within the MHP layers, is crucial to develop stable and efficient optoelectronic devices. The study of interfaces is particularly relevant for multidimensional 2D/3D perovskite materials, designed to combine the stability of 2D perovskite structures with the high performances of the 3D ones. However, tailoring the properties of these materials requires accurate structure determination at the atomic scale, which is a challenge for conventional diffraction-based techniques, especially in multicomponent phases and at interfaces, where a tiny portion of material is involved. ISoTOPe is aimed at an atomic-level characterization of interfaces in 2D/3D Hybrid MHPs by combining the most recently developed crystal engineering techniques of epitaxial growth, to build high quality 2D/3D crystals with purposely designed isotopic enrichment, and advanced Solid State NMR protocols, which allow structure and dynamics to be selectively studied for specific components.

Coordinator: Elisa Carignani (CNR-ICCOM).

Partnership: CNR-ICCOM, University of Pisa, University of Cagliari.

ICCOM participants: Elisa Carignani.

Financed by: Projects MUR PRIN2022, project code no. 2022EHER2H.

Project overall budget: 190.157,00 €.

ICCOM budget: 68.552,00 €.

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