PNNR MASE Project “Permanent”

PNNR MASE Project “Permanent”

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The PERMANENT Project will address the major causes of limitations to the durability and stability of hydrogen-powered polymer electrolyte fuel cell (PEMFC) technology. The objective is to fully understand the degradation mechanisms in real operating conditions for mobility applications and propose solutions based on a radically innovative approach: the multi-scale structuring of components. The project involves fundamental research activities, based on the availability of Key Enabling Technology proponents relating to the development, synthesis and characterization of advanced materials and structured materials at the nano and micro scale, nanotechnologies and innovative production processes.

To respond to this aim, four objectives are identified in the project:

  1. Expand knowledge on PEMFC degradation at local level in real dynamic operating conditions, using:
    • Experimental methods for studying degradation in real operating conditions, which combine the analysis of the evolution of performance over time with local electrochemical characterizations (operando and in situ);
    • Cutting-edge ex situ and post-mortem techniques for the characterization of new and degraded materials and components;
    • Use and development of state-of-the-art interpretative theoretical-modeling tools.
  2. Investigate a radically innovative PEMFC architecture;
  3. Validate the acquired knowledge and innovative solutions;
  4. Disseminate the acquired knowledge.

Coordinator: Polytechnic of Milan.

Partnership: Polytechnic of Milan, National Research Council, University of Milan Bicocca – Department of Materials Science, University of Padua – Department of Industrial Engineering, Solvay Specialty Polymers Italy.

ICCOM Principal Investigator for the Project: Alessandro Lavacchi.

ICCOM participants: Caterina Fusco, Jonathan Filippi, Alessandro Lavacchi, Andrea Marchionni, Francesco Vizza.

Duration: 01/09/2023 – 12/31/2025.

Funded by: MASE through PNRR M2C2 3.5 investment (

Overall project cost: €3,400,000.00.

Project Cost for ICCOM: € 200.000,00.

CUP: F47G22000290006.

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