PRIN 2020 “doMino”

PRIN 2020 “doMino”

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Title: (Per-)fluorinateD metal-Organic frameworks based Mixed matrIx membraNes for large-scale carbon diOxide separation.

ICCOM Principal Investigator: Lucia Calucci.

Project Type: National.

Duration: 26/04/2022 – 25/04/2025.

Abstract: DoMino is an interdisciplinary project aimed to develop MOF (metal organic framework) based mixed matrix membranes (MMMs) for the large scale separation and storage of CO2.. DoMino research activities include the synthesis of MMMs based on novel MOFs (with fluorinated or perfluorinated aliphatic or aromatic ligands and different metals, such as Zr, Ce, Al), their characterization by advanced experimental techniques and modeling by computational chemistry methods for the understanding of structure-property relationships, as well as the preparation of MMM-based films. The project goals will be reached thanks to the cooperation of research units with different complementary expertise: ITM-CNR has expertise in MMM preparation and modeling, CNR-ICCOM has skills in solid state NMR advanced methods, University of Turin has expertise in the multi-technique characterization of porous materials, while the Universities of Pisa and Perugia have complementary competences in the synthesis of (per)fluorinated ligands and MOFs.

Coordinator: Alessio Fuoco, ITM-CNR.

Partnership: ICCOM-CNR, ITM-CNR, University of Pisa, University of Studies of Turin, University of Studies of Perugia.

ICCOM participants: Lucia Calucci.

Financed by: MUR PRIN 2020, project code 2020P9KBKZ.

Project total budget: 432.912 €.

ICCOM total budget: 39.400 €.

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