CNR-ICCOM Pisa participates in BRIGHT NIGHT 2022 – 30/09/2022

CNR-ICCOM Pisa participates in BRIGHT NIGHT 2022 – 30/09/2022

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Once again, CNR-ICCOM Pisa participates in BRIGHT-NIGHT, the European Night of Researchers and Researchers, in the 2022 Edition.

The themes: 1. We support the planet 2. For a sustainable community 3. A better world for everyone 4. Let’s future 5. Research… in health! 6. Fatti non foste a viver come bruti…: Dante’s legacy in research.

From 4 pm onwards, the CNR of Pisa will offer more than 40 events within the Research Area, in via Moruzzi 1, and in various city squares.

ICCOM Pisa will be involved in the Research Area with several open laboratories:

  • Earthworms: an aid in waste management (Dr. Claudia Forte, Dr. Silvia Pizzanelli, in collaboration with IRET-CNR). It will be shown how earthworms can be considered chemical reactors in which organic waste is transformed into compost for agriculture.
  • Chemistry for young and old (Dr. Beatrice Campanella, Dr. Emanuela Pitzalis, Dr. Esther Punzi, Dr. Cosimo Malvestio) with interactive experiments, science recipes, colorful crystal gardens and more.
  • Interdisciplinary activity with games, stands and video pills that are good for the environment of the WoW group – Win on Waste by Drs Francesca Cicogna and Serena Coiai
  • Light, Color, Images, Imagination (Dr. Vincenzo Palleschi, Dr. Bruno Cocciaro) with experiments on the nature of light and color, carried out with self-built instrumentation at very low cost
  • Robots inspired by nature (Dr. Vincenzo Palleschi, Dr. Bruno Cocciaro) to learn how to build remotely controlled robots inspired by nature with a 3D printer and simple electronic components.
  • Innovative catalysts towards a more sustainable production of green hydrogen (Dr. Claudio Evangelisti, Dr. Emanuela Pitzalis). Towards new catalysts in which critical elements – precious for their cost and lack of availability on the planet – are replaced with more sustainable ones.

It is possible to view the entire program of the Research Area of ​​Pisa on

Contact person: Dr. Emanuela Pitzalis.

For more info:

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