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Title: European Training Network for Sustainable Phosphorus Chemistry

ICCOM Principal Investigator: Maurizio Peruzzini

Project Type: International – FP7-PEOPLE-2012-ITN-317404

Duration: 01/02/2013-31/01/2017

Website: See CORDIS database

Abstract: The SusPhos training network brings about a paradigm shift in the teaching of sustainable phosphorus chemistry, in the training of multidisciplinary-competent scientists, and in the public’s view on chemistry to preserve the essential element phosphorus from depletion. SusPhos represents the first systematic investigation of the eco-friendly production, smart use, recycling and commercial exploitation of phosphorus-based processes and materials that use the precious element phosphorus in a sustainable manner. This approach should lead to fundamental insights into sustainable technologies and create an ideal platform for the training of young, ambitious researchers in a superb collaborative European setting. In its dual-mentor programme each of the ESRs and ERs will be supervised by one mentor from academia and one from industry to ensure an outstanding training in both sectors. The training programme uses highly innovative and timely methodologies to provide comprehensive multidisciplinary training of a new generation of young researchers capable of understanding and applying green chemistry to the conservation of phosphorus by environmentally benign conversions.

Partnership: VU Amsterdam (NL), CNR-ICCOM (IT), Universität Leipzig (DE), FU Berlin (DE), LIKAT Rostock (DE), University of St Andrews (UK), University of Bristol (UK), ICIQ Tarragona (ES), CNRS Toulouse (FR), ETHZ Zurich (CH), Arkema (NL), DSM (NL), Magpie Polymers (FR), WS Consulting (NL).

ICCOM participants: Maria Caporali, Fuencisla Delgado Calvo, Luca Gonsalvi, Maurizio Peruzzini.

Sponsored by: EC through FP7 Marie Curie Actions.

Project total cost: 3.676.692,69 €

Financial contribution to ICCOM: 246.337,95 €

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