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Title: SLPI: a novel ETS-dependent Biomarker of Prostate Cancer.

ICCOM Principal Investigator: Maria De Angioletti.

Project Type: National – Tuscany Region.

Duration: 10/2020 – 21/03/2025.

Abstract: Prostate cancer (PC) is a localized and indolent disease that became aggressive in a small proportion of patients. Thus the identification of molecular alterations determining the different clinical behaviors would be extremely useful. Most of PCs are characterized by the overexpression of one of ETS gene. Secretory leukocyte protease inhibitor (SLPI) is a serine protease that protects host tissues from the excessive damage by proteolytic enzymes released during inflammation. SLPI has been found reduced in localized PC, but it may increase during progression in patients. The overall goals of this project are to investigate: (1) the relationship between SLPI expression and ETS proteins; (2) the variations of SLPI expression in PC patients and, thus, verify whether SLPI could serve as biomarker of cancer progression.

Project Coordinator: Rosario Notaro, ISPRO.

Partnership: CNR-ICCOM, Istituto per lo Studio, la Prevenzione e la Rete Oncologica Toscana (ISPRO), University of Florence, AOU Careggi.

ICCOM participants: Maria De Angioletti.

Financed by: Tuscany Region within Program Ricerca e Salute 2018.

Project total budget: 368.000 €.

ICCOM total budget: 80.000 €.

Categories: Active projects