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Title: Selective recovery of non-ferrous metal automotive shredder by combined electromagnetic tensor spectroscopy and laser-induced plasma spectroscopy

ICCOM Principal Investigator: Stefano Legnaioli

Project Type: International – EC

Duration: 01/2014-12/2016

Abstract: In the EU, the amount of waste generated by the automotive industry raised up to tens million tonnes, so the appropriate recycling of this waste has important implications from the environmental point of view. About 8% of the total weight in the automotive shredder corresponds to non-ferrous metals, but none of current sorting technologies is still able to successfully sort the light fraction of the metals (Al and Mg) into individual alloys. This project aims at developing a new dry sorting technology for non-ferrous automotive shredder. First, shredder will be separated into different metals, based on their conductivity. To this end, a new electromagnetic sensing technique combined with a vision system will be used. In a next step, the light fraction, will be alloy-sorted using LIBS. A novel LIBS system design is proposed, enabling upscaling the sorting throughput by one order of magnitude with respect to existing systems.

Other ICCOM participants: Vincenzo Palleschi, Giulia Lorenzetti, Stefano Pagnotta, Emanuela Grifoni

Partnership: LENZ Lenz Instruments S.L., Spain IST – Mechanical Engineering Department, INSTITUTO SUPERIOR TECNIC, Portugal CETRISA – Regulación de motores, S.A., Spain JR – Institute for Information and Communication Technologies/Machine Vision Applications, JOANNEUM RESEARCH FORSCHUNGSGESELLSCHAFT MBH, Austria LNEG – Laboratorio Nacional de Energia e Geologia I.P., Portugal MARWAN – Marwan technology, Italy MONOCROM – Monocrom S.L., Spain UoM – School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, THE UNIVERSITY OF MANCHESTER, United Kingdom DIEZ – HIERROS Y METALES DIEZ S.L, Spain SAUBER – SAUBERMACHER DIENSTLEISTUNGS AG, Austria

Project Type: International Funded by European Community Subprogram Area: ENV-2013-two stage

Contract type: Collaborative Project Grant agreement nº 603676

Financial contribution (overall and ICCOM): € 3.378.159,00 and € 320.753,00

Categories: Ended projects