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Title: Integrated piezo-phototronic devices for CO2 reduction to solar liquid fuels.

ICCOM Principal Investigator: Lorenzo Zani.

Project Type: National.

Duration: 01/12/2021 – 31/08/2024.

Abstract: The aim of RIPRESA is the study of new materials for photo-electrochemical devices for the production of liquid solar fuels through multi-electronic CO2 reduction. In particular, “Dye-Sensitized Photo-Electrochemical Cell” (DS-PEC) conversion devices containing innovative photocathode perovskite-based materials and innovative photoanode dyes will be studied. The activities are organized in the following Work Packages (WPs), each divided into Tasks: WP1-Design and synthesis of new materials for the photocathode; WP2-Design and synthesis of new materials for the photoanode; WP3-photoelectrochemical studies and DS-PEC fabrication. Initially, the photocathode and photoanode materials will be developed separately to identify the most promising ones. The latter will then be integrated into a laboratory-scale device with which CO2 reduction reactions will be conducted under different lighting conditions, analyzing the related products.

Coordinator: Alessandra Sanson, CNR-ISTEC.


ICCOM participants: Daniele Franchi, Gianna Reginato, Alessio Dessì, Massimo Calamante.
Financed by: National Research Council through Progetti@CNR scheme.

Project total budget: € 141.922

ICCOM total budget: € 50.824

Categories: Active projects