Flagship Project NANOMAX – ENCODER

Flagship Project NANOMAX – ENCODER

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Title: NANOMAX – ENCODER: Engineered Nanostructures for Cellular imaging and for intracellular delivery of Optically active Drugs for cardiac hypERtrophy

Principal Investigator at ICCOM: Giuliano Giambastiani

Project Type: National – MIUR Flagship Projects

Duration: 01/01/2012-31/12/2019

Abstract: Proposal core is the development and characterization of complex nanostructures for therapy/sensing and multimodal diagnosis/imaging applications in pathologic cardiac hypertrophy. The nanostructures will carry discriminating probes for their selective internalization into unhealthy cells and will be also equipped with molecular beacons, DNA-based drugs emitting fluorescence once the interaction with the molecular target occurs. Other oligonuclotide-based molecules will be also used to enhance the inhibition of cell functions upon the interaction with intracellular targets. Different nanocarriers will be considered: silica, gold and PMMA nanoparticles, mono/bi-dimensional carbon nanomaterials (CNTs, graphene and its derivatives), and engineered magnetic-erythrocytes. Drug release from the nanocarriers will be performed by enzymatic interactions and/or controlled thermal activation. The effect of these theranostic complexes will be assessed in vitro and in vivo on animal models.


Other ICCOM participants: Giuliano Giambastiani, Andrea Rossin, Maurizio Peruzzini

Financed by: MIUR (Flagship Project – National Research Programme)

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