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Title: Towards affordable LOss-free seasonal Thermal enERgy storage for civil applications.

ICCOM Principal Investigator: Angelo Freni.

Project type: National.

Duration: 30/11/2023 – 29/11/2025.

Abstract: The project is focused on the design and lab-scale testing of closed and open sorption-based Thermal Energy Storage (TES) systems. The research focuses on four pillars: i) Thermal optimization of TES components, under both closed and open cycle configuration; ii) Composite sorbent optimization and selection suited for seasonal applications; iii) New composite materials synthesis to overcome current storage capacity and durability; iv) Detailed techno-economic and LCA analysis of optimal system configuration.

Coordinator: Prof. Matteo Fasano (Polytechnic of Turin).

Partnership: CNR-ICCOM, Polytechnic of Turin, Polytechnic of Milan, University of Messina.

ICCOM participants: Angelo Freni.

Financed by: Projects MUR PRIN 2022 PNRR, project code no. P2022EERT9.

Project overall budget: 224.115,00 €.

ICCOM budget: 45.731,00 €.

Categories: Active projects