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Title: Enhanced metals Recovery by COordination chemistry from Lithium batteries wastE.

ICCOM Principal Investigator: Jonathan Filippi.

Project type: National.

Duration: 28/09/2023 – 27/09/2025.

Abstract: The ERCOLE project aims to develop new strategies and methods for the recovery of Critical Raw Materials, such as Li, Co, Ni from the recycling of lithium-ion batteries waste. Huge scientific effort has been devoted to the development of sustainable hydrometallurgical procedures to recover cathode materials. This requires the development of effective, sustainable, and scalable procedures for the recovery of valuable elements as pure compounds, to be fed back on the market or to be reused in the production of batteries, in a close loop circular economy scheme. The ERCOLE project aims address this proposing a multi-step sequential procedure for the recovery of Li, Co, Ni, Mn, Cu exploiting new compounds developed in the framework of the project belonging to the families of Ionic Liquids, Deep Eutectic Solvents, Ion Imprinted Polymers. These systems will be designed targeting the efficiency, selectivity, recyclability and scalability of the methods.

Coordinator: Dr.ssa Chiara Ferrara, University Milano Bicocca,

Partnership: CNR-ICCOM, University Milano Bicocca.

ICCOM participants: Jonathan Filippi, Andrea Marchionni.

Financed by: Projects MUR PRIN 2022, project code no. 2022JPT7YW .

Project overall budget: 199.996,00 €.

ICCOM budget: 93.996,00 €.

Categories: Active projects