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Title: Development of personalized diagnosis and innovative therapies for resistant CLL.

ICCOM Principal Investigator: Maria De Angioletti.

Project Type: National – Tuscany Region.

Duration: 10/2020 – 03/02/2025.

Abstract: Chronic Lymphatic Leukemia (CLL) is a chronic disease common in adults and it is not curable. The therapies currently used often can induce drug resistance. Negative prognostic markers are the presence of mutations in the TP53 gene and the reduced expression of STAT4. This project will explore new therapeutic approaches based on in-depth molecular characterization of leukemic cells in approximately 90 CLL patients, specifically: 1) we will obtain a full genetic analysis of leukemic cells by exome sequencing , 2) we will produce new agonists of STAT4, 3) we will develop a potential gene therapy technique for the delivery of a suicide gene in leukemic cells mutated in the TP53 gene. Our study will generate an identity card of the leukemic LLC clone from each individual patient, providing the opportunity to treat patients with the more suitable and effective targeted and personalized therapy.

Project Coordinator: Cosima Baldari, University of Siena.

Partnership: CNR-ICCOM, University of Siena, AOU Siena.

ICCOM participants: Maria De Angioletti.

Financed by: Tuscany Region within Program Ricerca e Salute 2018.

Project total budget: 608.000 €.

ICCOM total budget: 58.200 €.

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