PNRR PE0000023 / PE4 – National Institute of Quantum Science and Technology (NQSTI)

PNRR PE0000023 / PE4 – National Institute of Quantum Science and Technology (NQSTI)

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Extended Partnerships

Extended Partnerships (PE) are research programs characterized by an interdisciplinary, holistic and problem solving approach, carried out by widespread networks of universities, public research bodies, and other public and private entities, in response to the PNRR call, Mission 4 Component 2 Investment 1.3 – Creation of “Partnerships extended to universities, research centers and companies for the financing of basic research projects”. PEs are engaged in research activities, highly qualified and internationally recognised, hopefully organized in a consortium structure. These programs have the ambition to contribute to strengthening research supply chains at national level and promoting their participation in European and global strategic value chains.

PE0000023 / PE4 – National Institute of Quantum Science and Technology (NQSTI)

This project aims to create the National Institute of Quantum Science and Technology (NQSTI), a consortium that (i) will bring together Italian entities carrying out competitive and innovative research in the field of quantum science and technology (QST), and (ii) will stimulate future industrial innovation in this field, providing a forum where new ideas and opportunities will be transferred to companies. In order to guarantee a long-term positive effect on Italian economic growth and development, the entire innovation chain was considered: from the strengthening and coordination of low-TRL research, to its translation into prototypes, favoring the interface with industrial needs thanks to strong awareness and continuous training programs. Importantly, the creation and incubation of spin-offs and start-ups capable of moving research results up the TRL ranking are included in the scope of the proposal with significant resources and a special focus on the Southern regions.

Proposing body: University of Camerino.

HUB: Limited Liability Consortium Company NQSTI scarl.

ICCOM affiliate SPOKE: Spoke 3 “Atomic, molecular platform for quantum technologies”.

ICCOM Principal Investigator for the Project: Lorenzo Poggini.

Duration: 01/12/2022 – 28/02/2026.

Overall project cost: € 116,974,166.88.

ICCOM total cost: € 138,285.80.

CUP: B53C22004180005.

For further information: scheda MUR.

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