PNRR MASE-ENEA/CNR Program Agreement – AdP POR H2 “Research and development on hydrogen”

PNRR MASE-ENEA/CNR Program Agreement – AdP POR H2 “Research and development on hydrogen”

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The general objective of this Operational Research Plan (POR), financed by the European Union – NextGeneration EU and by the Ministry of the Environment and Energy Security through the POR H2 AdP MMES/ENEA with the involvement of CNR and RSE, PNRR – Mission 2, Component 2, Investment 3.5 “Research and development on hydrogen”, is to develop research activities in accordance with the national strategy on hydrogen outlined in the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR) and in line with the position, disseminated to European level, which identifies green hydrogen as one of the priority solutions in the medium term for the decarbonisation of the energy system. Several hydrogen technologies and applications can be considered potentially ripe for market entry, although significant research and innovation efforts are still needed to generally improve their efficiency, durability, producibility, distribution methods and large-scale use, as well as reduce costs. Scientific research and development must focus attention on the actions necessary to significantly innovate current technologies, while ensuring adequate technology transfer. This research project, developed in synergy by the research bodies involved (ENEA, CNR and RSE), intends to encourage interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary interactions through the sharing of knowledge, skills, experiences, infrastructures and laboratory networks in order to contribute to the increase in qualified critical mass and the pursuit of the challenging objectives that the PNRR sets itself in the hydrogen sector.

The CNR-ICCOM activity is divided into 14 lines of activity (LA) within the objectives:

  • WP1 – Production of renewable hydrogen;
  • WP2 – Innovative technologies for the storage and transport of hydrogen and its transformation into derivatives and e-fuels;
  • WP3 – Fuel cells for stationary and mobility applications.

ICCOM Principal Investigator for the Project: Francesco Vizza.

ICCOM Principal Investigators for Lines of Activity: Francesco Vizza, Claudio Evangelisti, Alessandro Fortunelli, Giuliano Giambastiani, Luca Gonsalvi, Alessandro Lavacchi, Hamish Miller, Alessandro Mordini, Andrea Rossin, Lorenzo Zani.

Duration: 01/07/2022 – 31/12/2025.

Financed by: European Union – NextGeneration EU and MASE through PNRR Projects Mission 2, Component 2, Investment 3.5 “Research and development on hydrogen”.

Overall project cost: € 110,000,000.00.

Project cost for ICCOM: € 1,850,052.18.

CUP: B93C22000630006.

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