PNRR CN_00000023 / CN3 – National Center for Sustainable Mobility (MOST)

PNRR CN_00000023 / CN3 – National Center for Sustainable Mobility (MOST)

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National Centers

Intervention proposals for the strengthening of research structures and the creation of “national champions” of R&D on some Key Enabling Technologies to be financed within the scope of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan, Mission 4 Component 2 Investment 1.4 “Strengthening of research and creation structures of “national R&D champions” on some Key Enabling Technologies” funded by the European Union – NextGenerationEU.

CN_00000023 / CN3 – National Center for Sustainable Mobility (MOST)

In the coming decades, the main challenge for future mobility will be to drastically reduce emissions by achieving the highest possible level of sustainability at a global level. There will, therefore, be a strengthening of the development chain in research and the economy, with a strengthening of technology transfer mechanisms to enable a solid and effective green transition, the achievement of carbon neutrality by 2050 and a digital transformation for a efficient and inclusive mobility service. The National Center for Sustainable Mobility, in this context, will act as an innovative ecosystem of excellence capable of promoting innovation through the systemic use of research results by the entire production system.


Proposing body: Polytechnic of Milan.

HUB: “National Center for Sustainable Mobility” Foundation.

ICCOM affiliate SPOKE: SPOKE 11 – Innovative materials and lightening.

ICCOM Principal Investigator for the Project: Angelo Freni.

Duration: 01/09/2022 – 31/08/2025.

Overall project cost: €377,934,689.11.

ICCOM total cost: €228,497.00.

CUP: B43C22000440001.

For further information: scheda MUR.

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