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Title: Low-impact catalytic processes for the conversion of non-edible plant biomass to high added value chemicals

ICCOM Principal Investigator: Pierluigi Barbaro

Project Type: International

Duration: 02/2015-02/2017

Abstract: The project will carry out activities in the following fields: Synthesis and characterization of catalysts based on transition metal nanoparticles supported on commercial insoluble solids . Use of the catalysts prepared in conversion reactions of vegetable biomass to fine chemical in batch reactors and under flow, study of the process parameters , evaluation of the stability and the possibility of recycling of the catalysts , optimization of the low-energy reaction conditions

ICCOM Participants: Pierluigi Barbaro, Francesca Liguori, Carmen Moreno-Marrodan.

Partnership: ICCOM-CNR, ERIC (Belgium).

Sponsored by: ERIC – European Reserach Institute of Catalysis a.i.s.bl. .

Financial contribution: € 61.000

Financial contribution for ICCOM: € 61.000

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