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Title: Photoinduced chemical reactivity under extreme pressure conditions

ICCOM Principal Investigator: Matteo Ceppatelli

Project type: National

Duration: 02/08/2019-28/02/2021

Abstract: The combination of high pressure in the GPa range, generated by means of diamond anvil cell (DAC), and photo-excitation, achieved by optical pumping of excited electronic states using near-UV laser sources, is used to study the reactivity of phosphorus in presence of simple atomic and molecular systems and of clathrate hydrates of simple hydorcarbons, employing optical spectroscopic techniques (FTIR and Raman) and X-ray diffraction. The research activity of HP-PHOTOCHEM deals with fundamental chemistry issues under extreme pressure conditions which have implications for the synthesis of new phosphorene based materials and the formation of prebiotic molecules in extraterrestrial environments.

Partnership: ICCOM-CNR, LENS.

ICCOM participants: Matteo Ceppatelli, Demetrio Scelta

Sponsored by: Cassa di Risparmio di Firenze Foundation

Financial contribution (overall): 15.000 €

Financial contribution (ICCOM): 15.000 €

Categories: Ended projects