Greenswitch – CNR

Greenswitch – CNR

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Title: Synthesis of Polyols from Vegetal Oils

Principal Investigators: Caterina Fusco

Project Type: National – Basilicata Region

Duration: 09/2017-09/2018

Abstract: The Research Project will involve the study of environmentally benign metal complexes for the synthesis of bio-based polyurethanes.

Partnership: Greenswitch S.R.L.; University of Bari; University of Basilicata; Alsia (Agenzia Lucana di Sviluppo e di Innovazione in Agricoltura) – Basilicata Region, ICCOM – CNR.

ICCOM Participants: Caterina Fusco, Annarita Armenise.

Financed by: Basilicata Region (Project No. 227179).

Financial contribution (overall): 12,000,000 €

Financial contribution (ICCOM): 50,000. €

Categories: Ended projects