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Title: Development of new methods for the Green Chemistry: design of sustainable process for the synthesis of bio-derived platform molecules via continuous flow catalytic reactors.

Principal Investigator at ICCOM: María Carmen Moreno Marrodán

Project type: International

Duration: 07/2016-07/2017

Abstract: The project main goals are: i) the synthesis and characterization of new support materials with specific hydrodynamic properties for continuous flow application, ii) the synthesis and characterization of catalysts based on supported transition metal nanoparticles, iii) the design and building up of continuous flow reactors in heterogeneous liquid phase and their use in plant biomass conversion reactions to fine chemical compounds: study of process parameters, evaluation of stability and performance of catalysts, optimization of low-energy reaction conditions, iv) application to the synthesis of products of industrial interest.

ICCOM Participants: Pierluigi Barbaro, Francesca Liguori, María Carmen Moreno Marrodán.

Sponsored by: European Research Institute of Catalysis (ERIC)

Financial contribution (overall): € 4.500

Financial contribution (ICCOM): € 4.500

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