From knowledge to scientific practice 2023 – Florence 9-23/12/2023

From knowledge to scientific practice 2023 – Florence 9-23/12/2023

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The Galileo Museum, in collaboration with the Institute of Chemistry of Organometallic Compounds (ICCOM) of the National Research Council (CNR), is offering three educational workshops in December 2023.

Let’s color the energy
9 and 23 December 2023 at 11.00
A laboratory to trace the history of energy from the production of electric charges with the first electrostatic machines to modern photovoltaic cells made with… blueberries! Using glass electrodes, a pencil and natural dyes extracted from blueberry, blackberry and raspberry juice, we will build a solar cell, that is, a cell capable of transforming light into electric current. At the end of the experience, it will be possible to admire the original eighteenth-century electrostatic machines live.

Flying magnets, a journey between literature and science
December 16th at 11.00
Taking inspiration from the flying island of Laputa in Jonathan Swift’s Gulliver’s Travels, which rises and falls by means of an enormous magnet, the basic principles of magnetism up to modern magnetic levitation technologies will be explained with curious experiments. Particular attention will be placed on the current usefulness of rare earth magnets and on recycling activities to lower the environmental and economic impact due to the use of these materials.

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