CNR-MoS Bilateral Project

CNR-MoS Bilateral Project

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Title: LIBS, Raman and XRF techniques application in cultural heritage of Montenegro.

ICCOM Principal Investigator: Vincenzo Palleschi

Project type: International

Duration: 01/2019-12/2020

Abstract: The goal of this project is the improvement of the process of conservation and valorization of Montenegro Cultural and Archaeological Heritage by establishing the conditions for the creation of a new generation of Montenegrin researchers specialized in the application of scientific physical, chemical and geological techniques for the diagnostics of such patrimony. The Montenegrin colleagues will learn new research methods by using the latest scientific devices developed by CNR for applications in Art and Archaeology diagnostics, and at the same time the Italian team will have access to objects and sites that have not yet been extensively studied. This will foster further common activities between Montenegro and Italy aimed to the diffusion of the results obtained through TV and newspaper interviews, joint organization of important International meetings devoted to Art Diagnostics and Conservation, and publication of articles and monographies in scientific journals.

Partnership: Faculty of Science and Mathematics (PMF), University of Montenegro (Montenegro), ICCOM CNR.

ICCOM participants: Vincenzo Palleschi, Stefano Legnaioli.

Financed by: CNR/MoS Agreement 2019-2020.

Financial contribution (overall): 2.500 €

Financial contribution (ICCOM): 2.500 €.

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