CNR-HAS Bilateral Project

CNR-HAS Bilateral Project

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Title: Au-based supported bimetal catalysts with non-noble metals for the selective oxidation of cyclohexane: effect of the Au/M ratio, the structure and the support.

ICCOM Principal Investigator: Claudio Evangelisti.

Project Type: International.

Duration: 01/01/2019-31/12/2022.

Abstract: According with the topic of the previous bilateral project CNR-HAS (2016-2018), supported bimetallic catalysts based on Au-Ag and Au-Cu, synthesized both with the SOL method and by solvated metal atom deposition (SMAD), will be studied and characterized. The morphological and structural features of the bimetallic catalysts will be related with their catalytic behavior in the selective oxidation of alcohols (glycerol and benzyl alcohol). Furthermore, as part of the new project, heterogeneous catalysts based on new metal / metal oxide pairs (Au-Sn, Au-Zn and Au-Cu) will be synthesized by of SOL and SMAD methodologies. The catalysts will be then characterized and studied for the selective oxidation reaction of cyclohexane to cyclohexanol and cyclohexanone.

Partnership: ICCOM-CNR, Surface Chemistry and Catalysis Department, Hungarian Academy of Sciences (HAS).

ICCOM participants: Claudio Evangelisti, Emanuela Pitzalis; Laura Prati and Marta Stucchi (University of Milan, associate researchers).

Financed by: CNR e HAS.

Project total budget: 24.000 €

ICCOM total budget: 12.000 €.

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