Cluster 2013

Cluster 2013

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Title: Cluster Sustainable Manufacturing CTN01_00163_148175

ICCOM Principal Investigator: Elisa Passaglia

Project type: National

Duration: 2013-2017

Abstract: The project aims to develop methodologies and enabling technologies for the creation of artifacts that use production processes and systems such as to minimize negative environmental impacts, save energy and natural resources, ensure the safety of workers, communities and consumers. , be cost effective. This project, leveraging on the vocation and on the Italian industrial culture, on the ability to create products that combine eco-design, technology, customization and the great tradition in some industrial sectors, will develop methodologies and enabling technologies for the design and realization of products, processes and production systems in related factories, which are sustainable throughout their life cycle.

The activities that ICCOM must carry out for the part of competence in the project are summarized below: 1) Studying and developing post-modification processes of polymeric materials (recycled polymeric blends) using methodologies conventionally applied / used in the plastics industry to . Structural characterization of the starting materials b. Study of functionalization reactions in bulk and / or surface grafting, reactive mixing using selective reagents capable of controlling secondary reactions c. Structural characterization of the obtained materials 2 Developing micro and nanostructured materials using recycled polymeric blends a. Study of the compatibilization processes of recycled polymers and / or of recycled polymeric blends with micro- and nano-structured fillers through the modulation and control of interface properties. b. Morphological, thermal and functional properties characterization of the obtained materials

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