Bilateral project CNR/HCST-NCRD

Bilateral project CNR/HCST-NCRD

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Title: Bilateral project CNR/HCST-NCRD (Jordan) – Oil extraction from Jordanian oil shale by sustainable methods.

Principal Investigator at ICCOM: Francesco Barzagli.

Project type: International.

Duration: 02/2021-31/12/2023.

Abstract: Shale oil represents one of the most important energy resources of Jordan, but the conventional process for its production, known as retorting, requires a great amount of energy to heat the crushed oil shale to very high temperatures (>400°C). Moreover, the process entails the unavoidable emission of harmful and greenhouse gases, mainly CO2 and H2S, into the atmosphere. The project aims at developing a new method based on the use of supercritical carbon dioxide to efficiently extract crude oil from Jordanian oil shale while recycling the carbon dioxide flue and abating and eventually valorizing the accompanying emission of noxious hydrogen sulphide.

ICCOM participants: Francesco Barzagli, Maurizio Peruzzini.

Partnership: ICCOM-CNR; The University of Jordan, School of Science, Department of Chemistry (Amman, Jordan).

Sponsored by: CNR and The Higher Council for Science and Technology (HCST)/National Centre for Research and Development (NCRD).

Financial contribution (overall): € 20.000

Financial contribution (ICCOM): € 20.000

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