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Title: ARCO-CNR – Fostering opportunities for human capital development through high-level training in multi-disciplinary areas: the CNR-Tuscany proposal.

Principal Investigator at ICCOM: Stefano Legnaioli

Project Type: National – Tuscany Region

Duration: 01/02/2018-31/01/2020

Abstract: The CNR counts among its tasks that of transferring and enhancing research activities in a very wide spectrum of disciplines. The CNR pursues these objectives also through the inclusion in its research laboratories of young people in possession of a PhD level education and therefore able to carry out a fruitful research activity applied in wide-ranging projects that involve entities and companies. This joint activity, characterized by multi- and inter-disciplinarity, has at least three objectives: (a) to increase, orient and specialize the training of the young researcher (b) to contribute to the solution of a problem or to the achievement of an industrial objective , (c) to help reduce the gap that exists today between the world of research and the business world, a gap often the result of distrust and lack of mutual knowledge rather than a real cultural distance. In this program of intervention the CNR has favored projects in which the industrial fallout of the activities was marked, the quality of the research to be undertaken and the results to be achieved was high, the composition of the partner network was wide.

Specific objectives of “INDACO” project: The INDACO project (Diagnostic Investigations for Contemporary Art) aims to develop multi-disciplinary and micro-invasive analytical protocols for the characterization of pictorial materials related to contemporary artistic artifacts. This specific type of work is often characterized by a high degree of experimentation in the use of composite polymeric materials and synthetic organic pigments whose formulations, reactions and alterations over time are not yet fully known. The non-invasive and / or micro-destructive diagnostic methods available to the ALSLab laboratory are able to qualify the elementary and molecular composition of these materials, their photocolorimetric stability and to visualize the relative material thicknesses in three different spectral bands.

Partnership: ICCOM CNR, Marwan technology.

ICCOM participants: Stefano Legnaioli, Beatrice Campanella.

Sponsored by: Tuscany Region

Financial contribution (overall): 54.000 €

inancial contribution (ICCOM): 37.000 €

Categories: Ended projects