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Title: Analysis of Decorative Coatings for Fashion Accessories and Jewelry

Principal Investigator at ICCOM: Alessandro Lavacchi

Project type: National – Tuscany Region

Duration: 19/06/2018-14/03/2020

Abstract: The research will focus on the morphological characterization of PVD coatings deposited during the regional THIN FASHION project for the determination of the composition and thickness of the films. For this purpose the DUAL BEAM technique will be used, which will allow the preparation of the metallographic sections and their examination by means of STEM detectors and TEM electron microscope.

Partnership: ICCOM CNR, National Interuniversity Consortium of Materials Science and Technology – INSTM

ICCOM participants: Alessandro Lavacchi, Maria Cristina Salvatici.

Sponsored by: Tuscany Region (POR-FESR 2014-2020)

Financial contribution (ICCOM): 24.590,16 €

Categories: Ended projects