Silvia Borsacchi

Senior Researcher



Phone: +39 050 315 3052

Site: Pisa

Address: Area della Ricerca CNR di Pisa, Via Moruzzi 1, 56124 Pisa


Education: Master Degree in Chemistry at the University of Pisa (UNIPI), 110/110 cum laude (2003); PhD in Chemical Sciences at UNIPI (2007).

Work experience: Senior Researcher at ICCOM Pisa (since Jan 2023); Researcher at ICCOM Pisa (2014-2022); post-doctoral fellow at the Department of Chemistry and Industrial Chemistry of UNIPI and INSTM (2007-2014).

Honors and Awards: National Academic Qualification as Associate Professor in Physical Chemistry (2017)

Visiting Scientist 2022 NIBIO (Norwegian Institute of Bioeconomy Research), Ås (Norvegia); 2019 Institute of Nuclear Physics ( Academy of Science) Krakow; 2006 Dept. of Chemistry, University of Alberta (Canada).

ManagementProjects responsibility. 2025-2023 Research Unit leader of a National Project (PRIN 2022) “NUTSHELL” “NMR under illumination sheds light on materials”. 2025-2024 Co-Chair of a IUPAC project “Develop Solid State NMR potential for environment protection and sustainability”. 2023-2014 Local coordinator of 2 national projects on health and sustainability for under-40 researchers (PRIN 2017 “Advanced injectable nano-composite biomaterials with dual therapeutic/regenerative behaviors for bone cancer”, FIR 2013 “Advanced nanostructured materials for eco-sustainable cements: investigation of the structural properties and innovative strategies for their improvement”). CNR co-responsible for a Regione Toscana-POR FSE 2O14-2020 Asse A project with Pirelly Tyre S.p.A., University of Pisa and University of Milano Bicocca, aimed at the development of high-performance nanocomposite polymeric materials. CNR co-responsible for a research contract with LMPE for the biotic and abiotic degradation of polyethylene. Tutor of PhD and PostDoc of ICCOM and University of Pisa.

Appointments Secretary of the IUPAC Committee CHEMRAWN (CHEMical Research Applied to World Needs) (2025-2024), Member of CHEMRAWN (2023-2022), Secretary of the Italian National Commission for IUPAC (2026-2023, 2019-2022), scientific responsible for the website. Secretary of the Board of GIDRM (Gruppo Italiano Discussione Risonanze Magnetiche) (2025-2023, 2019-2022). Teacher at University of Pisa (Master Degree in Materials Science and Nanotechnology, class “Solid State NMR spectroscopy in Pharmaceutical and Material Science”). Outreaching: Bright Night, IUPAC PTChallenge, collaboration with ORMA “Alta fORMAzione e ricerca-azione presso enti di ricerca toscani” and with “Pianeta Galileo” funded by Regione Toscana.

Conference Organization: 2024-2021 National Congresses on Magnetic Resonance and GIDRM workshops on applications of Magnetic Resonance.  2022 International Year of Basic Sciences for Sustainable Development event “Alessandro Volta’s heritage: the past and the future of electrochemistry”, Como, Italy, 24th October; IUPAC Global Women Breakfast 2024, 2023, 2022;  Global Conversation on Sustainability 2023; 2019: GIDRM workshop “Computational methods and NMR spectroscopy: a powerful synergy for chemistry, materials science and biology”, Pisa; “PBSi 2019” International Conference on Phosphorus, Boron, Silicon, Rome; “11th international conference on Fast Field Cycling Relaxometry” Pisa, 5-7 June. 2016: GIDRM NMR Day: “NMR of porous systems: applications to building materials and cultural heritage”, Pisa. 2012: “XLI National Congress on Magnetic Resonance”, Pisa. 2011: GIDRM workshop “Solid-state NMR in pharmaceutics”, Pisa; 2007 “XIth Chianti Workshop on Magnetic Resonance”, Vallombrosa (Florence).

Publications: 81 articles (ISI journals), 3 book chapters, more than 150 contributions at conferences, 19 invited.

Bibliometric Data: (Scopus, 02/29/2024): 83 articles; 1542 citations by 956 documents; h-index: 22

Research interests: Solid State NMR, materials, sustainability, technology, photoactive materials, circular economy.


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