Fabrizio Santoro

Research Director



Phone: +39 050 315 2458

Site: Pisa

Address: Area della Ricerca CNR di Pisa, Via Moruzzi 1, 56124 Pisa


Education: Degree (M.Sc.) in Chemistry, University of Napoli, Italy (1994); Ph. D. in Chemical Science, University of Perugia and Siena, Italy (1996-1999).

Work Experience: Research Director at ICCOM-CNR Pisa, Italy (since 10/2019). Senior Researcher at ICCOM-CNR Pisa, Italy (2010-2019), Senior Researcher at IPCF-CNR Pisa, Italy (2007-2010), Researcher at IPCF-CNR Pisa, Italy (2001-2006).  Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Siena (1998-2001); Postgraduate Fellow, ICQEM-CNR, Pisa (1995)

Visiting Scientist: Northwestern University, Evanston, USA, (2000). University of Wuerzburg (2003)

Teaching: Since 2018 member of the board of the PhD School in Chemical and Materials Science at University of Pisa; Professor of Computational Chemistry, Scuola Normale Superiore, 2010; Professor with part-time contract at University of Siena 2002-2003 (Physical Chemistry lab); Professor with part-time contract at University of Salerno 1998 (Molecular Spectroscopy)

Editorial and Reviewer Activity Since 2018 member of the Editorial Board of MDPI Molecule. Project Reviewer for German DFG and DAAD (PRIME), for Belgian FNRS, for French ANR, for Israelian ISF, for Czech Republic (GRIS), for Polish National Science Center, for Italian ANVUR, and for Italian Minister MIUR for PRIN Projects, for CINECA (ISCRA). Reviewer for many international Journals. 2018-2021 90 verified reviews

Conference Organization: CECAM Workshop “Nonequilibrium dyamical solvent effects on excited states: from spectroscopy to photoreactivity” Nancy June 2021; 17th International Conference on Chiroptical Spectroscopy, Pisa, June 2019; International Workshop  CpiC9 9th European Symposium on Computing π-Conjugated Compounds, Naples, January 2018; International Conference “MPCS17-Molecular Properties and Computational Spectroscopy”, Pisa, April 2017; International workshop “Chiroptics2017” April 2017; International workshop “DNA-Day ELECTRONIC PROPERTIES OF DNA OLIGOMERS. A training ground for modelling and experiments” Pisa, July 2016; WM12: Winter Modeling 2012, Pisa November,  2012; Primo Congresso della Divisione di Chimica Teorica e Computazionale della Società Chimica Italiana, Pisa  February, 2012;  WM11: Winter Modeling 2011, Pisa January, 2011; WM08: Winter Modeling 2008, Pisa December, 2008

Awards: Since 2020 elected member of the board (consiglio d’Istituto) of ICCOM; Since 2018 member of the CpiC Society “Computing pi-Conjugated Compounds”; National Qualification as Full Professor in Physical Chemistry (03/A2) (2012 and 2018). Elected member of the board of the Theoretical and Computational Division of the Italian Chemical Society (2011-2013)  CNR Career Development Award (2005); Federchimica Prize “Toward an Intelligent Future” (1996);

Bibliometric data (Scopus 06/05/2022) results: 155; sum of times cited: 6407; citing articles: 3163;  h-index: 43.

Research interests:  Chemical Theory and computational chemistry. Development of models and methods. Photochemistry and photophysics of molecules and molecular aggregates in condensed phase. Quantum dynamics of nonadiabatic processes at conical intersections. Mixed Quantum/Classical molecular dynamics. Computational steady-state and time-resolved electronic and vibronic spectroscopy. Interaction of molecular systems and laser fields, quantum coherent control. Applications to new optoelectronic soft materials,  multichromophoric systems, organic photovoltaic, dye sensitized solar cells, photophysical processes in DNA.

Code development: FCclasses a code for vibronic calculations; Fretty a code for computing exciton couplings; Overdia parameterization of generalized linear vibronic coupling models fro TD-DFT (click here)



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