Instrumentation and Services

The Institute of Chemistry of Organometallic Compounds has the necessary human resources, technical skills and know-how to deliver, when requested by either the public or private sectors, appropriate consulting services, modeling and validation processes, prototype and equipment construction and various other services including analytical, synthetic, and functional modeling over a range of different chemical and chemical-physical disciplines.
Inorganic, organic, analytical, theoretical and computational chemistry skills together with coordination, organometallic and macromolecular chemistry combined with expertise in determining structure-property relationships and specific experience in separation techniques, experience of analysis, interpretation and treatment of infrared spectroscopy data, visible, ultraviolet and MRIs, both nuclear and electronic allow ICCOM researchers to respond to a range of needs that users of public and private origin can manifest.
Specific management of instruments and services are available in each of the different territorial sections which make up the Institute.