FRESH aims to contribute to reducing the European Union’s dependence on fossil fuels for power generation, providing a cushion for the intermittent character of renewable electricity generation leading to stable, more predictable prices for renewable electricity, which is crucial for the future development of large-scale renewable power generation, and therefore, the energy transition. The project will achieve this through the development, construction and validation at TRL 4, of an integrated, cost competitive process for conversion of CO2 to potassium formate using an electrocatalytic process powered by renewable electricity. The highly stable potassium formate generated by the reactor will be stored safely for long periods (from short term or seasonal) in tanks. The subsequent conversion of the stored potassium formate to electricity on demand will use a direct fuel cell system. The project includes development of the individual components (CO2 to formate and formate to electricity), CO2 sourcing and purification and ultimately the construction and validation of an integrated protoype at TRL 4.

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