Coval Energy is a clean-tech company in the field of CO2 re-use, with extensive expertise in the power sector and the oil and gas industry. Founded in 2015, Coval Energy is a clean-tech company with a complementary team of specialists with more than 80 years of combined experience in utilities, the oil & gas and chemical industry. Our aim is to reduce the carbon-foot print by converting CO2 into valuable chemicals and energy carriers. We are developing breakthrough technological solutions that use renewable electricity and use CO2 as a feedstock rather than a waste product. The main expertise of Coval Energy focus on electrochemical reduction of carbon dioxide at high pressure. Coval Energy is one of the leading companies in the Netherlands in the field of electrolyzers for CO2 reduction, and the main interest is put several electrolyzer units in the marketplace, during the coming years. Electro-chemical synthesis as methodology is inherently safe, and reagent waste is avoided. Coval Energy Novel technology and research infrastructure for electrolytes, strategies for reaction screening, and electrode materials will pave the way of electrochemical syntheses of CO2 which might be a game changer for future chemistry.


Rien van Haperen
Reactor Development
Robert de Kler
Executive Director/Technology development
Frank Schreurs
Executive Director/ Business development
Louis Legrand
Research Manager
Jos van der Maas
Process Engineer
Mariette de Groen
Scientific Researcher