The concept

FRESH is a 3-year project (2022-2025) developing seasonal storage of renewable energy through the transformation of CO2 into potassium formate and its transformation on-demand into electrical power.

The consortium

This will be achieved by the implementation of a series of interconnected work packages. FRESH is structured around five technical work packages (WPs 2-6) and two ‘enabling/value adding’ work packages (WPs 1 and 7), supporting dissemination, exploitation and management activities. FRESH addresses the work program topic by (1) developing a new renewable energy storage technology (2) highly workable concept & approach, (3) implementation work plan & strategy, (4) a validated prototype at TRL 4, (5) participants with excellent track records for project execution and exploitation and (6) comprehensive LCA and TEA and energy market evaluation of this new technology. The consortium consists of 8 partners of which 3 research institutes (CNR, FZJ, CERT), 4 industrial partners (COVAL, ENGIE laborelec, HYSYTECH, EEMPOWER) and 1 university (DTU) from 5 EU member states.



Capture of CO2 represents an attractive feedstock for sustainable alternative for Formate production. 
The transformation in formate allows a flexible scheme for renewable energy storage and the decarbonization of chemical industry, while avoiding greenhouse gas emission.

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