eRisk Group (the commercial name of Eempower BV), founded in 2009, provides quantitative and qualitative analysis related to the electricity, heat, gas and flexibility markets. Our services range from valuations, feasibility studies, due diligence reports, market forecasts, risk assessments and strategy development. eRisk Group has developed its own quantitative model of the North West European electricity markets, providing the team with a transparent means of conducting quantitative analysis and providing our clients with a second opinion on their investments and strategies. The model is based on an extensive database of power plants, prices and expectations regarding the development of certain technologies and can be easily adapted to the different strategic questions and / or scenarios of our customers. eRisk Group is a partnership of senior energy and financial specialists, with extensive experience in the financial and energy markets (heat, gas, electricity and flexibility). Our clients are industries, infrastructure companies, start-ups, investors and energy companies and we provide insight into the development of the energy market or test their scenarios in our electricity and/or heat models.


Maarten van der Kloot Meijburg
Ruut Schalij
Sander Heshusius