The Centre for Research and Technology-Hellas (CERTH;, founded in 2000, is organized in five institutes, bringing together more than 1,500 people (engineers and scientists in their majority). CERTH combines its unique research facilities and high qualified research personnel, to transform scientific knowledge into innovative technological applications, aiming to strength the national economy and respond to the society needs. The Chemical Process Engineering Research Institute (CPERI; of CERTH is pursuing scientific and technological excellence in specific areas of Clean Energy, Climate and Environment, Sustainable Industry and Bioengineering/Biomedicine, Materials Technology, Processes and Simulation/Modelling. CPERI/CERTH participates in FRESH project with ARTEMIS lab (Laboratory of Advanced Renewable Technologies & Environmental Materials in Integrated Systems), established in November 2022, whose mission is to conduct cutting-edge basic and applied sustainable research with emphasis on solar heat, novel hydrogen fuels, as well as innovative materials, with a special focus on ceramics. The aim is to achieve optimum integration in the context of the green transformation of industrial applications and address the relevant social challenges and priorities of the national and European research and technology policy. Relevant fields of lab expertise with FRESH if the thematic area of Deep Decarbonization of Energy-Intensive Industries and Long-Distance Transportation through the Development of Novel Zero/Low Carbon Fuels and Chemicals and Carbon Capture Storage and Utilization based on innovative Membrane Technologies.


George Karagiannakis
Lab Director
Dimitrios Koutsonikolas
Collaborating Researcher
Akrivi Asimakopoulou
Collaborating Researcher
Grigorios Pantoleontos
Senior Research Engineer