Aquachem Reserved Files

  1. AQUACHEM and COST D29 Kickoff Meetings Agenda, Sesto Fiorentino,  February 12-13, 2004 (.doc)

  2. Minutes of AQUACHEM Kickoff Meeting (.doc)

  3. AQUACHEM First Year Meetings Agenda, Lisbon,  February 4-5, 2005 (.doc)

  4. Minutes of AQUACHEM First Year Meeting (.doc)

  5. Coordinator's opening remarks at First Year meeting (.ppt)

  6. Minutes of AQUACHEM Second Year Meeting (.pdf)

  7. Coordinator's opening remarks at Third Year meeting (.ppt)

  8. Minutes of AQUACHEM Third Year Meeting (.pdf)

  9. Coordinator's opening remarks at Fourth Year meeting (.ppt)

  10. Minutes of AQUACHEM Fourth Year and Final Meeting (.pdf)

Aquachem Contract, Forms and Scienfic Annual Reports
  1. Aquachem Annexes: zip file containing Annex I (Project Overview, .doc), Annex II (General Conditions, .pdf), Annex III (Specific provisions and Contract implementation, .pdf)

  2. Declaration of Conformity for YR contract (.doc)

  3. MCA Financial Statement for Multipartner Contracts (Form C, .xls)

  4. First Year Report (.doc)

  5. Second Year and Mid Term Report (.pdf)

  6. Third Year Report (.pdf)

  7. Fourth Year and Final Report (.pdf)


From Brussels
  1. FP6 MC-RTN coordinators' meeting, Brussels, September 2004: zip file containing information about recruitment, monitoring, reporting, best practices, contract implementation, finance (.pdf).

  2. Project reporting in FP6- Guidance notes This document provides guidance and instructions to assist the consortium in preparing the reports and deliverables which are submitted by the project coordinator on behalf of the consortium. It also describes the procedures for their submission to the Commission and contains brief explanations of the review procedure, zip file containing all documents and annexes for reporting. See also

  3. The Commission has established the 'Audit Certificate Working Notes 6th framework Programme' to guide research contractors and certifying entities in the preparation of audit certificates under the European Commission's 6th Framework Programme (see attachment).  You may find this document also on the Cordis website.

  4. Corrections to Audit certificate, January 2006