lisbon.jpg (401183 byte)     First Year Meeting, Istituto Superior Tecnico, Lisbon, February 4-5, 2005.


Full minutes of the Meeting are available for Network Members and EC responsibles in the Internal Pages.


Aquachem scientific persons present at the meeting:

CNR: Maurizio Peruzzini (coordinator); Luca Gonsalvi (network manager)

LCC: Rinaldo Poli, Anne Marie Caminade, Jean-Pierre Majoral.

UD: Ferenc Joò, Agnes Katho.

HUJI: Jenny Gun.

UAB: Agusti Lledos, Gregori Ujaque.

UAL: Antonio Romerosa.

 IST: Armando Pombeiro. 

YoK: Simon Duckett, Anne Duhme-Klair

UEN: Rudi van Eldik.

INEOS: Elena Shubina, Natalia Belkova.

The full list of participants including the scientific persons in charge, Aquachem Young Researchers and guests can be downloaded from here.

Prof. Armando Pombeiro welcomed the participants to the meeting at the Academy of Sciences of Portugal on Friday 4th February. The second day (Saturday 5th) presentations and discussions were held at the Lecture Theatre at Istituto Superior Tecnico.


Friday, February 4th (sessions at the Academy of Sciences of Lisbon)





Opening: Welcome (Armando Pombeiro)


General Presentation (Maurizio Peruzzini and Luca Gonsalvi)


Firenze group (CNR)

-Vanessa Landaeta, "Ruthenium catalysed selective oxidation of aryl thiophenes with H2O2"

-Luca Gonsalvi, "More pieces in the jigsaw: novel cyclopentadienyl Ru, Rh and Ir PTA complexes. Preliminary tests for Ru-catalysed water phase CO2 and bicarbonate hydrogenation"

-Maurizio Peruzzini, "Astonishing hydrolysis of white phosphorus mediated by ruthenium species


Coffee break


Toulouse group (a) (CNRS-LCC/a)

-Paul Servin, “Towards phosphaadamantane (PTA)-dendrimers”

-Anne-Marie Caminade, “Water-soluble phosphorus dendrimers and catalytic dendrimers”


Toulouse group (b) (CNRS-LCC/b)

-Rinaldo Poli,"Aqueous chemistry and catalysis with high oxidation state half-sandwich Mo compounds"

-Chiara Dinoi, "Reactions of cyclopentadienylmolybdenum(VI) with sulfur compounds"


Debrecen group (UD)

-Ferenc Joó, “Recent results in aqueous organometallic catalysis in Debrecen”

-Ágnes Kathó, “The effect of iodide on Ru(II)-catalyzed hydrogenations “

-Henrietta Horváth, “Selective hydrogenation of alkynes in aqueous-organic biphasic systems “

-Marianna Fekete, “Water-soluble Ru(II)-carbene complexes and their catalytic properties”




Barcelona group (UAB)

-Andrea Rossin, "The selective hydrogenation of unsaturated aldehydes by Ru(II) Complexes in water solutions".

-Agustí Lledós, Olivier Maresca (with collaboration of L. Gonsalvi, A.D.Phillips, M. Peruzzini (ICCOM)), "H2 Activation in Water with Half-sandwich Ru(II) Complexes: Competition between homolytic and heterolytic H-H splitting"


York group (York)

-Anne-K. Duhme-Klair, “Metal-based lumophores tailored to sense biologically relevant oxometalates”
-Simon B. Ducket, “Para-hydrogen in aqueous systems”
-Nicole Reddig, “Improvements to the water-solubility of [Re(CO)3(bpy)L1]+


Erlangen group (UEN)

-Rudi van Eldik, “Mechanistic studies on the activation of NO by Fe(II) complexes”

-Ariana Brausam, “Mechanistic studies on the activation of hydrogen peroxide by Fe(III) complexes”


Coffee break


Lisbon group (IST)

-Armando Pombeiro, “Aqueous chemistry at the IST Group: overall view”

-Silvia Mazzega (with collaboration of R. Michelin, R. Bertani), “Water soluble phosphines and reactions with Pt(II) centers”

-Max Kopylovich (with collaboration of V. Kukushkin), “Water soluble imidoylamidine complexes derived from the activation of nitriles”

- Patrícia Reis, Alexander Kirillov, (with collaboration of M. Kirillova, J.A.L Silva, J. Fraústo da Silva), “Catalytic oxidation of alkanes and aromatics in aqueous biphasic liquid medium”

-Fátima Guedes da Silva, Erwin Reisner, Qingshan Li (with collaboration of V. Arion, B. Keppler, V. Kukushkin), “Electrochemistry of Ru-azole complexes and structure of diorganotin complexes with antitumor activity”


Round table discussion and closure of the first day.


Social dinner at Fado restaurant



Saturday, February 5th (sessions at the Complexo I, Instituto Superior Técnico)



Jerusalem group (HUJI)

-Jenny Gun, “Some new examples of on-line electrochemistry ESI-MS studies”


Almeria group (UAL)

- Antonio Romerosa, “Synthesis of new water soluble phosphines from natural aminoacids”

- Tatiana Campos-Malpartida, “Catalytic studies of the new water soluble ruthenium complex [RuCp(I)(mPTA)(PPh3)]Cl”

- Inocenta Ayala, “New water soluble ruthenium complexes containing the ligand 1,2-bis(N-ter-butylcarbamoyl)cyclopentadienyl


Moscow group (INEOS)

-Elena Shubina, “Aqueous chemistry at the INEOS Group: overall view”

-Natalia Belkova, “Unique properties of water in H-bonding and proton transfer to organometallics”


Round table discussion and closure of the meeting




Social excursion in Lisbon


Social dinner at the EXPO park


Mid Term Review and Second Year Meetings, Universidad de Almeria, Spain, December 20-21, 2005.

The second year meeting coincided with the Mid Term Review meeting and the Workshop "Andalusia meets Europe II", for which a website was created. Aquachem participants and EC officers can access the Meeting Minutes from the internal pages.


Third Year Meeting, University of Debrecen, Hungary, January 12-13, 2007.

Local organizer: Prof. Ferenc Joó (Institute of Physical Chemistry, University of Debrecen, Debrecen 10, P.O.Box 7, H-4010 Hungary;

Venue: The meeting was held in the Postás Üdülő in Debrecen, a hotel/resort house providing accommodation, meals and conference facilities under the same roof. This was extremely important to cope with the tight schedule of the conference. For those who requested, an airport transfer service was available ensuring smooth and fast travel from Budapest Ferihegy Airport direct to the hotel and back.

Attendance: The meeting was attended by participants from all the eleven collaborating laboratories of the Network. Total number of the participants was 44, including 20 early stage researchers (ESR) and experienced researchers (ER) in addition to 18 senior scientists of the participating laboratories. In addition, six students of the Debrecen school joined the activities of the meeting (and also provided help to make any arrangements).

The Meeting Minutes and the Book of Abstracts are available for registered users from the internal pages.


  Fourth Year and Final Meeting, LCC-CNRS, Toulouse, France, November 29-December 1, 2007 (together with CIAM Workshop)

Local organizers: Prof. Rinaldo Poli and Prof. Anne-Marie Caminade (Laboratoire de Chimie de Coordination, UPR CNRS 8241, 205 Route de Narbonne, Toulouse)

Venue: The meeting was held in the Salle “Gallais” inside of the premises of Laboratoire de Chimie de Coordination, CNRS Toulouse. Social events included a dinner at a local restaurant, while lunches were provided at the local canteen inside the university complex.

Attendance: The final meeting was held in conjunction with the second Aquachem workshop "Catalysis in Aqueous Media" (CIAM) to which both invited speakers and Aquachem Senior and Junior scientists delivered oral communications on subjects stemming from or related to Aquachem activities. All ER/ESRs still appointed illustrated their results within the corresponding Aquachem projects. All people attending the meetings and workshop agreed on the high value of such an event and the high standard of organisation at LCC.

The Meeting Minutes and the Book of Abstracts are available for registered users from the internal pages.