Instructions for posters

– Each poster must be at maximum 6 slides long in landscape format, with sufficient high resolution and size (font, figures,…) for an optimal visualization in a standard 17 to 20” screen

– An audio-commented (3/4 min) version of the poster file in .ppt or .mp4 format must be sent to us by February 4th. We will upload  it on a password-protected section of the website (password will be communicated to all registered participant).

– The poster session will be hold in small parallel mini-symposia. Each mini-symposium will be hosted in a dedicated virtual room  (1 h each for ca. 8 posters) and will be coordinated by a chair.

– Each participant is strongly encouraged to take vision of the commented version of the poster before the session and to share with the chair of the corresponding session any question or curiosity. The posters’ authors will have the chance to reply during the mini-symposia.

– Each poster contributor is asked to keep a non-commented version of his/her own poster ready for sharing during their poster session.

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