Welcome to the ICCOM Nanomaterials & Catalysis Group

Giuliano GIAMBASTIANI among the recipients of the international call launched by the French Republic Presidency “Make Our Planet Great Again” with the TRAINER project “Catalysts for Transition to Renewable Energy Future sticker,375x360-bg,ffffff.u4

To get additional infos, visit the TRAINER official website https://trainermopga.weebly.com/

One main research topic at the Giambastiani Group deals with the design, synthesis and characterization of complex 1D-3D carbon nanomaterials to be used as “smart carriers” for metal nanoparticles in catalysis or as technologically advanced single-phase and metal-free catalysts for application in industrially relevant processes at the heart of renewable energy technology. A special interest is devoted to the activation and (electro)chemical conversion of small molecules (i.e. O2, CO2, H2S) by means of surface engineered nanocarbons decorated with light heteroelements.

Another branch of our activity is related to the long lasting tradition of ICCOM in the field of synthesis and characterization of single-site organometallics based on late/early transition or lanthanide metals, the study of their most relevant structure-reactivity relationship and their application as catalysts in several homogeneous processes. Polymerization, oligomerization, co-polymerization, hydroamination and hydrosilylation are among the ultimate goals of this research field.

Giuliano Giambastiani is currently commuting between ICCOM-CNR and ICPEES-CNRS, University of Strasbourg where he is PI of the TRAINER project (Catalysts for Transition to Renewable Energy Future) sponsored by the French presidency.