Editorial Activity



Editor of the book “Recent Advances in Hydrides Chemistry”


published by Elsevier S.A.  (Amsterdam, The Netherlands), 580 pages, December 2001 (together with Rinaldo Poli, Université de Bourgougne, Dijon, France).



Executive Editor

Executive Editor of the book “L’aria che respiriamo a Firenze”, (Ed. Comune Aperto; Collana Dossier), Florence (Italy) 2000


Guest Editor

Coordination Chemistry Review (Elsevier S.A.), Volumes 185/186 (May, 1999; 838 pages) and 190/192 (October, 1999; 1285 pages), (together with Ivano Bertini, University of Florence).


Guest Editor

European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry (Wiley VCH), 10th Year-Anniversary issue, July 2007; issue 18/2007, pp 2513 – 2985, (together with Karl Kirchner, Technical University of Vienna, Vienna, Austria).