UniversitÓ di Ferrara (Ferrara, Italy)

Synthesis and reactivity of rhenium(I) unsaturated carbenes

Synthesis and photochemistry of transition metal hydrides

Team leader: Dr. Lorenza Marvelli, Researcher (mg1[at]


Dr Paola Bergamini, Researcher (bgp[at]

Past members:

Dr. Nicoletta Mantovani, Post Doctoral Associate (nicmant[at]

Mr. Michele Brugnati, Doctoral Student (mbrugnati[at]

Prof. Roberto Rossi, Associate Professor, Retired , former Chief of the Team




    Universidad de Almeria (AlmerÝa, Spain)

Synthesis, reactivity and catalytic behaviour of water soluble unsaturated carbenes

Synthesis, coordination chemistry and catalysis of water soluble ligands

Team leader: Prof. Antonio Romerosa, Associate Professor (romerosa[at]   


Dr Sonia Ma˝as Carpio, Researcher (smcarpio[at]

Dr Mustafa Saoud, Post Doctoral Associate (saoud[at]

Dr. Manuel Serrano-Ruiz, Post Doctoral Associate

Mr. Chakir Lidrisi, Doctoral Student (lidrissi[at]

Mrs. Ines Mallqui Ayala, Doctoral Student (mmallqui[at]

Past members:

Dr. Chiara Ciardi, Post Doctoral Associate (ciardi[at]

 Prof. Pablo Luis Lorenzo, Researcher,                                    Universidad de la Laguna, Tenerife, Canarias (plorenzo[at]




    UniversitÓ di Firenze; Department of Chemistry (Firenze, Italy)

Transition metal complexes of white phosphorus and phosphorus chalcogenides

Team Leader: Prof. Piero Stoppioni, Full Professor (piero.stoppioni[at]


Prof. Massimo Divaira, Full Professor, (massimo.divaira[at]

Dr. Stefano Seniori Costantini, Technician


Carbon dioxide as a C1 resource

Team Leader: Prof. Fabrizio Mani, Full Professor (fabrizio.mani[at]  


    UniversitÓ di Firenze; DIBA (Firenze, Italy)

Hydrogen production and purification

Team Leader: Prof. Roberto De Philippis, Associate Professor (roberto.dephilippis[at]


Dr. Lucia Bianchi, HYDROLAB Grant Holdert, (lucia.bianchi[at]






      A.N.Nesmeyanov Institute of Organoelement Compound,

                             INEOS, Russian Academy of Sciences, RAS (Moscow, Russia)

Hydrogen bonding and proton transfer processes in transition metal hydrides

Team leader: Prof. Elena Shubina (shu[at]  


Prof. Lina M. Epstein, Senior Researcher, retired, former Chief of the Team (epst[at]

Dr. Natalia Belkova, Researcher (nataliabelk[at]

Dr. Evgeni Vorontsov, Researcher (vev[at]

Dr. Evgeni Gutsul, Post Doctoral Associate  



    Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona (Barcelona, Spain)d

Theoretical modelling of organometallic and catalytic reactions

Team leader: Prof. Agusti Lledos (agusti[at]


Dr. Gregori Ujaque, Ramon y Cajal Researcher (Gregori.Ujaque[at]

Past members:

Dr. Olivier Maresca, Post Doctoral Student (HYDROCHEM)




      UniversitÓ di Milano,

                  Dipartimento di Chimica Strutturale Inorganica (Milano, Italy)

Transition metal hydrides for H-storage, X-ray and neutron crystallography 

Team leader: Professor Alberto Albinati, Full Professor (alberto.albinati[at]    


Dr. Silvia Rizzato, Researcher (silvia.rizzato[at]




   Laboratoire de Chimie de Coordination, CNRS (Toulouse, France)

Hydroformylation and high-pressure NMR spectroscopy

Enantioselective hydrogenation of unsaturated substrates

Oxidation of substituted thiophenes (ODS)

Team leader: Prof. Rinaldo Poli (poli[at]       


Prof. Jean-Claude Daran, crystallography (daran[at]

Dr. Eric Manoury, synthesis (manoury[at]

Past members:

Dr Raluca Malacea, Postoctoral Researcher (HYDROCHEM), (ralucamalacea[at]

Dr Chiara Dinoi, Postdoctoral Researcher (AQUACHEM) (dinoi[at]




  Departamento de Quimica Inorganica, Facultade de Quimica

                             Universidad de Vigo (Vigo, Galicia, Spain)

Water soluble organometallic complexes and their application in catalysis

Team leader: Prof. Jorge Bravo Bernardez, Associate Professor (jbravo[at]     


Dr. Sandra Bola˝o Garcia, Researcher, synthesis and catalysis  (bgs[at]

Mrs. Maria Mar RodrÝguez Rocha, Doctoral Student, synthesis



n  Image:Umbria-Bandiera.png   UniversitÓ di Perugia, Department of Chemistry (Perugia, Italy)

Powder X-ray diffraction analysis

Team leader: Dr. Ferdinando Costantino (fcost[at]


PGSE (Pulsed field Gradient Spin-Echo) NMR analysis

Team leader: Prof. Alceo Macchioni (fcost[at]


Dr. Gianluca Ciancaleoni, Post Doctoral Researcher



n     UniversitÓ di Trieste, Department of Chemistry (Trieste, Italy)

Gas sorption measurements

Team leader: Prof. Paolo Fornasiero (pfornasiero[at]


n    UniversitÓ di Parma (Parma, Italy)

Synthesis and catalysis with multidentate P,N,O ligands

Team leader: Dr. Paolo Pelagatti (paolo.pelagatti[at]


Dr. Marcella Balordi, PhD student (marcellabalordi[at]

Dr. Dominga Rogolino, Researcher (dominga.rogolino[at]



      Arbuzov Institute of Organic and Physical Chemistry

       (IOPC), Russian Academy of Sciences, RAS (Kazan, Tatarstan, Russia)

Functionalization of white phosphorus

Team leader: Academician Prof. Oleg Sinyashin,

Director IOPC (oleg[at]


Coworkers: Dr. Dmitry Yakhvarov (yakhvar[at]




    Ecole Polytechnique FÚdÚrale de Lausanne - EPFL

                               (Lausanne, Switzerland)

PTA-based water soluble organometallics drugs

Catalytic carbon dioxide hydrogenation

Team leaders: Prof. Paul Dyson (paul.dyson[at]

                         Dr. Gabor Laurenczy (Gabor.Laurenczy[at]


Coworkers: Dr. Andrew D. Phillips (adpnm[at]



      Politecnico di Bari,

                        Department of Water Engineering and of Chemistry (Bari, Italy)

Transition metal phosphides from primary phosphines 

Team leader: Professor Piero Mastrorilli, Full Professor (alberto.albinati[at]



Dr. Maria Michela Dell'Anna, Researcher (mm.dellanna[at]



      University of Siena, Department Chemistry (Siena, Italy)


Team leader: Professor Piero Zanello, Full Professor (zanello[at]     


Prof. Franco Laschi, Associate Professor, EPR specialist (laschi[at]

Dr. Fabrizia Fabrizi De' Biani, Researcher, Spectroelectrochemistry



      Universidad Simon Bolivar, Department Chemistry

                     (Caracas, Venezuela)

Organoiridium hydrosoluble complexes 

Team leader: Professor Vanessa Landaeta, Assistant Professor (vlandaeta[at]     


Mr. Cesar Urbina, MS Student (c.alejandro.ub[at]




      Universidad Autonoma do Mexico, Department Chemistry

                          UNAM - (Mexico City, Mexixo DF, Mexico)

Ruthenium based drugs

Team leader: Professor Lena Ruiz Azuara, Full Professor (ruizazuara[at]       


Prof. Isabel Gracia Moura, Full Professor (isabel.gracia[at]




Past Collaborations



   UniversitÓ de Rennes (Rennes, France)

Synthesis of molecular detectors for heavy transition metals

Team leader: Dr. Jean Luc Fillaut, Researcher



Coworkers :

Dr. Stephane Rigaut, Maitre de Conferences

Mr. Julien AndriŔs, Doctoral Student



   University of Kaiserslautern (Kaiserslautern, Germany)

Synthesis of ruthenium complexes stabilised by bulky cyclopentadienyl ligands

Team leader: Prof. Helmut Sitzmann (sitzmann[at]



 Institute of Organic Chemsitry and Electrochemistry -  IOCE

                   (Almaty, Kazakhstan)

Functionalization of white phosphorus

Team leader: Dr. Rumiya Abdreimova (abdreimioce[at]



Dr. Dina N. Akbayeva, Researcher (dnakbayeva[at]

Dipl. Chem. Farida Faisova