Copertine 2019


Modeling Nucleation and Growth of ZnO Nanoparticles in a Low Temperature Plasma by Reactive Dynamics

Giovanni Barcaro, Susanna Monti, Luca Sementa, and Vincenzo Carravetta*

J. Chem. Theory Comput. 2019, 15 (3), 2010–2021.

DOI: 10.1021/acs.jctc.8b01222

Publication Date (Web): February 7, 2019. Copyright © 2019 American Chemical Society





Nickel Nanoparticles Decorated Nitrogen-Doped Carbon Nanotubes (Ni/N-CNT); a Robust Catalyst for the Efficient and Selective CO2 Methanation

Wei Wang, Cuong Duong-Viet,* Housseinou Ba, Walid Baaziz, Giulia Tuci, Stefano Caporali, Lam Nguyen-Dinh, Ovidiu Ersen, Giuliano Giambastiani,* and Cuong Pham-Huu.*

ACS Appl. Energy Mater. 2019, 2 (2), 1111-1120.

DOI: 10.1021/acsaem.8b01681

Publication Date (Web): December 17, 2018. Copyright © 2018 American Chemical Society