Mordini Alessandro

Informazioni personali

Posizione: Dirigente di Ricerca
Curriculum Vitae: CV_Alessandro_Mordini_2019.pdf
Sede: Firenze

Education: Laurea in Chimica (M. Sc.), University of Florence, 1983 on Synthetic Organic Chemistry. PhD, University of Florence, 1987 on Synthetic Organic Chemistry: use of organometallic reagents in selective synthesis.

Work Experience: from January 2010 Dirigente di Ricerca (Research Director) at ICCOM, Florence; 1999 - 2010: Primo Ricercatore (Senior Researcher) - at ICCOM, Florence; 1987 – 1999: Ricercatore (Research Fellow) at Centro di studio dei Composti Eterociclici e loro Applicazioni (then become ICCOM), Florence; September 1984-May 1985, Postgraduated fellow at Institut de Chimie Organique – Universitè de Lausanne (Prof. Manfred Schlosser); October 1988-July 1989 and July - November1992, Postdoctoral fellow at Institut de Chimie Organique – Universitè de Lausanne (Prof. Manfred Schlosser).

Project Management: see attached CV.

Chair of International Scientific Congresses: “I Enerchem School” (School of the Interdivisional Group for Renewable Energy of the Italian Society of Chemistry), Firenze 2018. “28th International Conference on Organometallic Chemistry (ICOMC-2018)”, Firenze 2018 (Co-chair). “Convegno del Gruppo Interdivisionale di Chimica per le Energie Rinnovabili (ENERCHEM-1)”, Firenze 2016. “X Spanish Italian Symposium on Organic Chemistry (SISOC-X)”, Firenze 2014.“IX-International Symposium on Carbanion Chemistry”, Firenze 2010. NATO Advanced Study Institut “New Methodologies and Techniques in Organic Chemistry: Sustainable Development in a Secure Environment (NeMeTOC)”, Certosa di Pontignano, Siena, 2005.

Responsibilities: Coordinator of the "Interdivisional Group of Chemistry for Renewable Energy of the Italian Chemical Society" (from 2019). Member of the Executive Board of the “Division of Organic Chemistry of the Italian Chemical Society” (from 2017); Member of the Technical and Scientific Board of “Distretto Tecnologico Nuovi Materiali” della Regione Toscana (from 2016); Member of the Energy Board HORIZON 2020.

Honours: Invited Visiting Professor at the Faculty of Human Sciences, University of Kyoto, Japan (March-May 2001).

Tutor of more than 50 PhD thesis, postdoctoral and postgraduated fellows.

Publications: Author of 120 scientific publications (102 articles, 12 reviews and book chapters, 1 edited book), 1 international patent and more than 100 presentations at National and International Chemical Meetings.

ORCID ID: 0000-0002-1055-0976; ResearcherID: B-7391-2015

Research interest: Design and synthesis of dyes for photovoltaic applications. New synthetic methodologies. Organometallic chemistry: new reactions and applications. Carbanion chemistry. Superbases in organic synthesis. Synthesis and reactivity of small ring heterocycles. Telescopic processes (Boeckeleide reaction). Activation with microwave. Organotin and organosilicon reagents in organic synthesis. Base-promoted selective isomerizations of epoxides and aziridines. Synthesis of new heterocycles for application in pharmaceutical chemistry.