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Posizione: Ricercatore
Curriculum Vitae:
Sede: Pisa

Education: 2002: Degree in Physics at the University of Pisa (UNIPI); 2006: PhD in Chemical Sciences at the University of Florence; 2011: Master degree on Innovation and Knowledge Transfer (MIT) at the School of Management MIP, Politecnico of Milano.

Work experience: 
2002-2008: fellow at the IPCF-CNR; 2008-2012: Fixed-term Researcher at ICCOM; Present position: since 2012: Researcher at ICCOM (Pisa).

Other: Delegate of the INSTM (National Interuniversity Consortium of Materials Science and Technology) at the National Steering Committee and scientific referent for the project IPERION CH.it; Responsible of the module MD.P01.023.001 / Optic Spectroscopy for the material characterization at the ICCOM- CNR. Member of the Italian delegation at the l’INDO–ITALIAN Workshop on Molecular Nanophotonics-24-26, July 2013, organized by the Italian Embassy. Secretary at the XL Colloquium Spectroscopicum Internationale and IX EMSLIBS in Pisa 2017 Award: 2013 2nd classified “CNR Innovation Award” with the project “CNR INNOVATION MALL”; 2010 best paper published on Spettrochimica Acta Part B Volume 65 (Local Thermodynamic Equilibrium in Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy: Beyond the McWhirter criterion).

Management: Project active management of a number of research projects both at national and international level (MIUR PRIN, PARFAS, PARFESR, FP7) responsible for a research unit of MIUR – FOE 2012 “SM@RTINFRA”; FP7 “SHREDDERSORT”, PON 2012, ENEL Contract.Teaching: organization of stages, seminars, training courses and congresses ; thesis supervisor for several degree graduations and PHD at the University of Pisa and at the National Institute of Laser Enhanced Sciences, Cairo University, (Egypt);

Publications Coauthor of more than 120 papers on international peer-review journals.

Bibliometric data (Scopus 01/04/2019): 120 documents, 3253 total citations, 1800 citing articles, h-index: 30.

ORCID ID: 0000-0002-1871-0647; Scopus Author ID: 8891909900; ResearcherID: M-8944-2014

Research Interests: spectroscopic techniques (LIBS, RAMAN, XRF, Multispectral Imaging) applied to Cultural Heritage (Pigment analysis, Analysis of ceramics, Archeo-metallurgy, Bronzes, Golden jewels, Control of laser cleaning processes, Analysis of paper and manuscripts), Environmental (Quantitative analysis of pollutants in industrial smokes, Analysis of polluted soils and water), Bio-medicine (Hair mineral content analysis by LIBS) and material characterization (Quantitative analysis of metallic alloys, Aluminium alloys, Steels, Study of semi-conductors, Gold caratage determination in precious alloys) such as monitoring of industrial processes.

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