Fortunelli Alessandro

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Posizione: Dirigente di Ricerca
Curriculum Vitae:
Sede: Pisa

Education: Degree in Chemistry at Scuola Normale Superiore and University of Pisa, 1978-1983; PhD in Chemistry at Scuola Normale Superiore, 2012.

Work Experience: Research Director at National Research Council (CNR): since 2020; Senior Researcher at National Research Council (CNR): 1999-2020; Researcher at National Research Council (CNR): 1984-1999.

Management: 2003 – 2006, Coordinator and unit leader in the ESF EUROCORES SONS SSATMN project; 2004 – 2007, Coordinator and unit leader in the EC FP6 NMP STREP GSOMEN project; 2008 – 2013, Unit leader in the ERC-AG SEPON project; 2010 – 2014, Member of the Management Committee of the COST Action MP0903 on “Nanoalloys”; 2012 – 2016, Unit leader in the EC FP7 NMP LARGE HELM project; 2019 –present: Unit leader in the EC H2020 FET-Open QUEFORMAL project; 2019 – present: Task leader and Work Package leader in the EC H2020 ITN BIKE project.

Visiting Scientist: 2001, University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA, CA, USA) and 2003-2004, California Institute of Technology in (Caltech, CA, USA); Visiting Associate: 2012-present, California Institute of Technology (Caltech, CA, USA).

Tutoring: Member of 5 PhD Committee (UK, 2 Denmark, France, Ireland); scientific evaluator of 12 PhD Thesis (UK, 2 Denmark, France, Ireland, 3 India, 4 Austria).

Other Activities: Peer-reviewer for 18 international journals, including Physical Review Letters, Journal of the Americal Chemical Society, Angewandte Chemie, Nature Chemistry, Nature Communications, Nature Nanotechnology.

Publications: 266 peer-reviewed publications, 6 book chapters, 1 book edited.

Bibliometric data (Scopus, 21/07/2020) results: 266; total citations: 7598; citing articles: 4609; h-index: 43.

ORCID ID: 0000-0001-5337-4450; LinkedIn:

Research Interests: theoretical materials science, structural prediction and dynamics, reactive global optimization, metal nanoclusters and nanoalloys, (electro)catalysis for energy and environment.

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