Manca Gabriele

Informazioni personali

Posizione: Ricercatore
Curriculum Vitae: CV_Manca.pdf
Sede: Firenze

Education: Ph.D. in Scienze Chimiche, University of Pisa, Italy (2006-2008), XXI Ciclo; Laurea in Chimica, University of Pisa, Italy (2005); .

Work Experience: Researcher at CNR-ICCOM since December 2018; Fixed Term Researcher at CNR-ICCOM Florence, Italy (February 2016-December 2018); Postdoctoral at CNR-ICCOM Florence, Italy (2010-2014, 2015-2016); Fellowship at Centro Ricerca ed Impresa, Florence, Italy (2014-2015)Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Rennes I, France (2009-2010).

Awards: Best PhD Thesis in Inorganic Chemistry by Divisione di Chimica Inorganica della Società Chimica Italiana (2009); Bonati Award by Gruppo Interdivisionale Chimica Organometallica (2016).

Visiting Scientist: Northwestern University, USA (2018), University of Nagoya, Japan (2012), University of Barcelona, Spain (2007).

Management: Involved in Advanced ERC project PHOSFUN (February 2016-up to now)Principal Investigator Project: IsC37 accountID CIPFUN OriginID: HP10C2QI78 HPC-CINECA (4/12/2015-4/09/2016); Principal Investigator Project: IsC10 accountID POLICHEM OriginID: HP10CHEVJ8 HPC-CINECA (22/04/2013-22/03/2014).

Publications: 37 ISI articles, 1 book chapter, more than 20 contributions to conferences (invited plenary lectures, oral communications and poster presentations).

Bibliometric data: (Scopus, 21/03/2019): results: 37; sum of times cited: 456; h-index: 13.

ORCID ID: 0000-0003-2068-1731; Scopus ID: 35107851000

Prizes and Awards: Bonati prize for 2016 from the Interdivisional Group of Organometallic Chemistry of the Italian Chemical Society; Prize for the Best PhD Thesis in Inorganic Chemistry for 2009 from Division of Inorganic Chemistry of Italian Chemical Society.

Research interests: computational chemistry; DFT calculations; electronic structure; Chemical Bonding; 2D materials; organometallic chemistry; small molecules catalysis; transition metal and main group element clusters; phosphorus.