SCI Gold Medal "Stanislao Cannizzaro" 2020 awarded to Dr. Maurizio Peruzzini

The Italian Chemical Society (SCI) awarded Dr. Maurizio Peruzzini, former Director of the DSCTM-CNR Department and of the ICCOM-CNR Institute, the Stanislao Cannizzaro medal, one of the most prestigious awards of the SCI, which is awarded every three years to scientists who have been able to contribute to the expansion of fundamental chemical knowledge, distinguishing themselves particularly at an international level for the originality of their research and activities.

For the 2020 edition, the medal was awarded  to Dr. Peruzzini, in recognition of his exceptional contribution in the development of phosphorus chemistry and 2D materials of which he is a national and international reference point.

Dr. Peruzzini will illustrate the main results of the research in a seminar of the "Fridays of the SCI" cycle dedicated to the winners of the Cannizzaro Medal. The seminar, entitled:

"From white to black, the journey of an inorganic chemist among the allotropes of a fascinating element"

will be held on Friday 12 February 2021 at 15.00 in live streaming from the YouTube SCI channel (